London pupils succeed at the European Capoeira Championships


London based Capoeira Academy UK recently took a team of 12 competitors to the 2014 European Capoeira Championships in Lisbon, Portugal. The Championships took place over five days from 30th April to 4th May and included competitions foradults and children, presentations and demonstrations by masters.


Four members of the London team came home with gold medals following outstanding performances that were all highly commended by the judges, as follows:


 Edgar “Bombril” Leite – Professional division

Angelica “Sereia” Landin – Advanced division

Rachel “Amazona” Rudman – Intermediate division

Zia “Fiel” Rahman – Beginners division



In addition to these fantastic performances, Cecilia “Borboleta” Pieratoni and Przemysław “Marimbondo” Krekora were awarded bronze medals.

Pupils and team members go by nicknames that are part of the Capoeira tradition reflecting the African slave heritage of the sport and are still used today.

European Champion and Coach Edgar “Bombril” Leite said: “The team was on fire with every performance. I’m really proud of the entire team, not just the results, but the commitment and preparation work they all put in.”


Capoeira Academy UK is now turning their focus to their annual Capoeira Festival on 28th & 29th November, a charitable event to acknowledge the work of pupils throughout the year and to raise funds for community projects. They are also bidding to host the 2016 European Capoeira Championships in London.