About Us

Capoeira Academy UK frequently provides capoeira workshops for children and adults to positively influence the local community through dance, music, martial art, game-play and Afro-Brazilian culture.

We regularly work in partnership with local London schools in enrichment classes promoting physical activity in a fun and interactive environment.

Over the years Capoeira Academy UK has performed numerous shows across London, including regular slots at Youth in Action. All of our performances include audience participation which is often the first step in encouraging free expression and self confidence.

More recently we have worked in conjunction with other sports festivals offering free taster sessions for 16 to 25 year olds to promote intercultural learning and social cohesion through the medium of capoeira.


At A Glance

Capoeira Academy UK works in promoting health, self confidence and social cohesion. Founded in 2008 by Edgar Leite who has been teaching in central London for over 10years, we utilise the physical aspects of capoeira along with music, singing and game-play to empower our participants by improving life skills and fitness.

To celebrate our students progression we hold an annual ‘batizado’ where the participants get to see capoeira guests from around the world perform, take part in workshops and most importantly they receive their grading belt.


Mission and Values

Our mission is to use capoeira to enrich all ages in overcoming physical barriers and enhance emotional and physical health.

At Capoeira Academy UK we have the following values:

  1. Always respect others

  2. Strive to be the best we can

  3. Ensure accessible and fun capoeira classes for all ages

  4. Reward commitment and achievements at our Annual Batizado