#10kickschallenge | Capoeira

 Can YOU do 10 Capoeira kicks for charity?

Take part in the #10KicksChallenge and help promote Capoeira in the UK for charity.

The #10KicksChallenge Capoeira was inspired by the #22PushUpChallenge originating in the United States, to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health. Since the start of 2016, the challenge has gathered a huge following, with thousands of people being sponsored to do 22 push-ups and passing on their donations to veteran mental health charities internationally.

We believe the Capoeira community of the UK should take up the #10kickschallenge and raise awareness of the life changing benefits of Capoeira and promote healthy living for body and mind, in children and adults alike.

Your involvement and donation will help us support our efforts into bringing Capoeira into socially deprived areas and various Capoeira schools in the UK.

What can you do to help?

If you would like to take part in the challenge, you can post a video to social media using the hashtag #10KicksChallenge.

Make a donation online today!

Share and like our videos on facebook www.capoeiracharityuk.org.uk/10kickschallenge – capoeira and help us spread the word about the challenge and how we can impact young people’s lives.

Media enquiries 

Contact Edgar Leite  capoeiracademyuk@gmail.com 078 4134 2874

Chairman of BRILHO – Capoeira Academy UK Charity ‘1164178’

Help us today

Capoeira Charity UK works to promote healthier lifestyles through teaching Capoeira to children, teenagers and their parents using a non-mainstream sport, music and fun game play to give confidence and a strong foundation to be more active in life. Since 2003 Capoeira Charity UK has given classes to 1000’s of children and adults in various locations across London. Furthermore we organise sport events, workshops and grading festivals to bring the London communities together. We currently hold four very successful projects in Bloomsbury, Stanmore, Camberwell and Peckham teaching regular weekly classes for children and parents. Your help is vital to reach our goal of providing disadvantaged children and their parents a way of improving their quality of life thorough Capoeira. Make a real difference in a child’s life today.